Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT)

Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) -

Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) is higher learning institutes that focuses on polytechnic graduate who wants to continue their study to higher level. SIT has partnership with 5 local polytechnic in Singapore, namely:

  • Nanyang Polytechnic
  • Ngee Ann Polytechnic
  • Republic Polytechnic
  • Singapore Polytechnic
  • Temasek Polytechnic

International Student with polytechnic and diploma degree can also continue their study in SIT but with selected program only and will be considered for admission to the degree programmes offered by the following Overseas Universities:

  • Technische Universität München
  • DigiPen Institute of Technology
  • The Culinary Institute of America



Being a public university, SIT also has a good reputation, mostly in Singapore area. SIT differentiate themselves from NTU and NUS by entering a niche segment in university education. SIT provides higher study for diploma and polytechnic degree holder.



SIT main program is the Undergraduate program for polytechnic graduates. SIT offer undergraduate program in Engineering, health science, design, interactive digital media, hospitality, and education & social sciences. Besides that, SIT also offer several unique and interesting programs, such as Integrated Work Study Programme, Overseas Immersion Programme, and Value Added Programme. Currently there is no graduate program in SIT.


Entry Requirements

SIT has flexible entry requirements that mostly are designed for polytechnic graduate in Singapore. SIT requires polytechnic degree from 5 public polytechnic in Singapore, namely Nanyang Polytechnic, Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Republic Polytechnic, Singapore Polytechnic, and Temasek Polytechnic. SIT also required minimum of 1-year work experience for new student.


Tuition Fee

SIT tuition fee is also partially subsidised by Singapore Government. For Singaporean, the student fee is around SGD 9,700 – SGD 15,000 per year depend on the program. For Singaporean Permanent Residence (SPR) the tuition fee is around SGD 19,500 – SGD 30,000 per year. Full breakdown of SIT tuition fee can be seen here.


Future Prospect

SIT prepare their students to fit the industry standard. SIT requirements of minimum 1 year work experience are in-line with their curriculum, that focuses on how their student fit the industry better. By that means most of SIT graduates are more prepare for industry, and are preferred by employer.


Overall 3.5 Stars

SIT is a good alternative for polytechnic and diploma holder who are interested in continuing their study to higher level. Employers also prefer SIT graduates because they already have at least 1 year work experience, and SIT curriculums are also designed to help students fit industry.

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  1. dear sir,
    we want to have the cooperation between yr institute of technology and our university of science and technology of dpr of korea
    in the education and training of the students in all the areas of methamtics, physics, computer science, chmeistry , biology, mechanics, mechatronics, hydrology, dynamics and etc.
    if in terested in the above, pls let us know yr good idea asap.
    hansch, diredtor of cooperation of university of science and technology of dpr of korea, and professor of school of water health under the university.

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