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James Cook University is private University in Singapore, which is a branch of James Cook University Australia. JCU Australia has 2 campuses in Townsville and Cairns, and open James Cook University Singapore in 2003. James Cook University fully adapt Australian curriculum and all degree certification is awarded from James Cook University Australia.



JCU has a good reputation in their origin country in Australia. That reputation is also carried in Singapore, as JCU is known as one of the best private institution in Singapore. JCU is well known in International level, it is shown that most of JCU students are foreigner compare to the local Singaporean.



JCU offers major in both undergraduate and graduate degree. JCU courses covers many department, namely Information Technology, Psychology, Business, Education, Environmental Science, and Tourism/Hospitality.

There are several favorite undergraduate programs in JCU including Bachelor in Business, Bachelor of Information and Technology in Interactive Technology and Game Design, and Bachelor of Arts in Psychology.

For graduate degree, JCU has Master of Business Administration for only 1 year and don’t require any work experience. Other than that, JCU also has Joint-Degree program covering Master of Information Technology and Master of Business Administration (MIT-MBA), Master of Professional Accounting-Master of Business Administration (MPA-MBA) for only 4 semester or 16 month.


Entry Requirements

JCU entry requirement for undergraduate student is high-school level-12 or equivalent. For graduate program, JCU required undergraduate bachelor degree. Both JCU undergraduate and graduate program also required English Language Skill with IELTS 6.0 (no component lower than 5.5)/ Internet-Based TOEFL 79 (with a minimum writing score 19) and above.


Tuition Fee

Being an Australian Institution in Singapore, JCU most certainly does not get any subsidy from Singapore Government. JCU tuition fee is aligned with JCU Australia tuition fee and are same for Singaporean, Singapore Permanent Resident (SPR), and International Student.

Total tuition fee for Bachelor or Undergraduate degree can be seen in table below. To know the annual tuition fee, just divide the total tuition fee with course duration.

James Cook University (JCU) bachelor or undergraduate tuition fee - sguni.com


Total tuition fee for Master or Graduate degree can be seen in table below. To know the annual tuition fee, just divide the total tuition fee with course duration.

James Cook University (JCU) master or graduate tuition fee - sguni.com


Future Prospect

Things have been a little bit difficult in Singapore, especially for foreigner. Although JCU has a good reputation, it’s been a little bit difficult for JCU graduates to seek for employment opportunities in Singapore. Even though it’s difficult, there are still possibilities for JCU students in Singapore. More, JCU students find it easy to find a good Job in their origin country due to JCU international reputation.


Overall 3 Stars

If you think private University in Singapore is only for getting degree and you can pass it with minimum effort, well that’s not the case for James Cook University Singapore. JCU is currently considered as one of the best private universities in Singapore and offer several appealing program for new students.

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6 thoughts on “James Cook University (JCU)

  1. How much will a semester cost for under graduates???

    • Total cost for undergraduate degree is S$47,765 for 2 years (6 semesters), or around S$8,000 per semester including GST (Goods and Service Tax)

  2. Graham Robson says:

    Dear Sir / Madam,

    I work for a tourism department in a Japanese University that is interested in promoting ties with other tourism organizations around Asia. This mail is to request information and check out any feasibility for our request.

    Our University, Toyo University, has four campuses based around the Tokyo area. My faculty is the Faculty of Regional Development Studies. Our faculty has been in operation for the past ten years. We run two departments in tourism and regional development, and we have a solid reputation among universities in Tokyo. Please feel free to see the English pamphlet of our faculty attached. We are looking to develop the following

    1) Possible programs for our students in your country and yours Japan
    2) Possible collaborative activities for our students such as symposiums or study tours in both our countries.

    I realize that I might have come through to wrong section, and if I have am terribly sorry. Would you kindly forward my mail to anyone you see as suitable for reading it.

    I would be grateful of your reply by post (robson@toyo.jp).

    We hope that this could be the start of relations our two organizations.

    Yours sincerely,

    Graham Robson
    Toyo University
    Assistant Professor
    Department of International Tourism

    • Hi, for that enquiry you can contact James Cook University or other University that you are interested to form a collaboration with directly.

  3. tell me about the duration and course contant also of master of information technology plz

    • Master of Information Technology in JCU is a one-year course with fee around SGD 30,000. If you’re interested, there is also Joint-Degree MIT-MBA program in JCU which will give you 2 degrees with the duration of 16 months and SGD 40,000 course fee.

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